Monday, 13 May 2013

Keepin' the dream alive

Hello! I am determined to keep blaggling (that's a new word I just invented (I know, get me, right?), a Very Clever combination of blogging and babbling) until someone other than me is contributing to my page views, if only out of morbid curiosity. (Slow down, blog passers-by, and watch the train wreck unfold!)

I kid, I kid. I dare not assume I'm anything like as interesting as a traffic accident. Nor, I hope, as potentially tragic.

Humour in terribly poor taste aside, I did a little hair experiment today, courtesy of la cocobong, whose blog I recently read from start to (unfortunate and too soon) finish. Yes, I know, very exciting. But it was something different to do with my ablutionary routine while I await the day I can finally start making nice bathy things.

The verdict?  Not so hot so far, but there are several factors which may have affected my experience.

  The main result that displeased me was that my hair was really staticky when I blow-dried it. I elected not to put any product into it (with this cut, I usually put all sorts of gunk in there), as I wanted to see what it looked like with nothing standing in the way, so to speak. At first, it seemed to be quite, um, body-ful, which was grand but it didn't last. The static lasted, though, while the rest has gone a bit flat.  My hair is colour-treated (very), so I don't wash it every day, but this time I actually hadn't washed it since Friday as I was away all weekend and zipping about on coaches and around London and whatnot. It was only one extra day, but maybe it needed more cleansing than could be provided by the baking soda method? I don't know. My hair is quite soft, but a bit less than squeaky clean feeling at the roots.  This could be partially due to the fact that said roots do not currently match the rest of my hair (I hasten to add that they're not grey, those roots, but rather my natural colour because I am so totally not anything like middle aged yet no no no no no *fingers in ears* la la la can't hear you birthdays...and anyway if I HAD found any grey hairs ever, and I'm not saying I have, but if I HAD, I would have yanked those traitorous strands right out), which probably means they're not as dry. This will change when I've re-dyed, I expect.

I put a few drops of essential oils in the lemon rinse, so that may have been another contributing factor. I thought it might give my hair a nice, lasting perfume, but at the moment I can't really smell anything. My hair is rather short and barely reaches my nose when I pull it forward, so I'll ask boything to sniff my head when he gets home.  I may report back for all you imaginary readers out there, perched on the edges of your imaginary seats in imaginary anticipation. Fret not, imaginary audience, I shan't leave you hanging.

In any case, I've read that it's perfectly permissible to add some essential oils to the vinegar rinse, so why not the lemon rinse? Anyone out there in blagland have any personal insight?

Another thought that occurs is that I think our water here is quite hard, if I'm not mistaken. I shall have to dig around to find out if that's likely to affect matters. It certainly makes the kettle nice and furry if left to its own devices.

The final thing I'm considering is whether this is just the infamous "icks" I often hear about, which seem to accompany the switch from bottle shampoo to no 'poo methods or shampoo bars for some people.

Speak to me, blagosphere. Regail me with your stories of no 'poo woes and triumphs.  Soapers, tell me about your shampoo bars.

Or, you know, just say hi.  That's good, too.  Pretend this wasn't an incredibly boring and pointless blog post I wrote just to be writing something so this place stays active while I await payday and the glorious things I will purchase so I can get bloody soaping already.


  1. I just saw a new face following my blog and popped in to check it out! Hi,hi,I just have received a mail,informing me about your comment on my blog!
    Well,I just wanted to say 'welcome' to this addiction and as I looked through your posts,I think you have collected enough information to dive into it and start. You can't wait to know everything,cos many new things will come along the way.
    And,of course,welcome to my blog,hope you will find interesting things there and you will like it!
    Good luck!
    Maja (English spelling would be Maya)
    P.S. oh,I like your definition of your boyfriend's mom!

  2. Hooray! My first comment ever! Hello! I'm positively champing at the bit to start, but I have to wait a couple of weeks until we're a bit better placed financially so I can order some supplies and stuff. I've been talking boything's ear off about it, poor thing, because I'm obsessing. I thought maybe obsessing via blog might save him having to listen to me, as I'm sure it just sounds like "blah blah blah soap blah blah soap blah blah shampoo bars blah blah bath salts blah blah soap." Haha.

    Thanks for the welcome! I'm probably going to do with your blog what I've done with a few others, go back and read it from beginning to end drooling over all the delicious pictures of soap. Fun fun fun!

    P.S. Thanks! I thought it was the most accurate! Haha.

  3. Oh the icks... I have been making shampoo bars for several years now.. and still haven't got the perfect recipe. I enjoy my honey basil bar... but have tried so many and the ones that have a nice comb through, give me the icks/greasies. I always use a cidar vinegar rinse after each watch. I look forward to reading about more of your shampoo experiments. xo