Friday, 18 October 2013

Just so I can say I did

I have completely and utterly failed to keep this blog up, but it was sort of my own fault for starting it right before the summer, knowing how busy I'd be.

This is not a real post. I'm just writing to say that a real post is coming. I've been tinkering with things on and off since I received my first shipment of stuff-making stuff.

I have, so far, made a lip balm (I'd have made more, but I only had one vaguely lip-balm sized container and it's still got lip balm in it from the first time I made it. That stuff lasts for fricking ever, and it cost me a whopping 12 pence to make. Eat my rubber, Lush!), some solid scrubby facial cleansers, four five (as of today) soaps, a sugar scrub, a very heavy cream (which may only be good for knees and elbows, it's that heavy), and some solid sugar scrubs in which I rebatched some of my first soap.

I'll do a proper post soon with pictures and discussion of my early, flawed creations (but they're mine! Mine mine mine! *glee* I maaaaade them. *joyful jig*), but I haven't got the energy right now. I'm just coming off the worst coldy-fluey thing I've had in living memory and I've been housebound for two weeks.  Je suis très bloody fatiguée.

More to come soon, imaginary readers.